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Just the paddle: Kawawaymog > North Tea > Manitou & Back.

Just the paddle, nothing pretty.

Anyone else get annoyed scrolling through recipe blogs and having to scroll through an entire story before you get to the fricken recipe?! For that reason I'll be posting "Just the Paddle" blogs with route info and camping site info and nothing more.

Aug 2019 - 3 day, 2 night Trip in Algonquin

Day 1

Starting at access point 1 (Kawawaymog Lake) through the winding boggy river, one portage and into North Tea Lake. Through the west and east arm of North Tea to another portage and into Manitou Lake (Wilkes).

Here we paddled past the second island searching for a campsite but with the dark setting in and most of the sites occupied for the long weekend we headed back to the site right next to the portage between North Tea and Manitou (not ideal).

This campsite was steep and shady with some peek through to the portage - if someone was walking or talking on it you knew!

Manitou portage campsite.

Day 2

Quick pack up and portage back to North Tea and found a beach campsite next to the Lorne portage. The length of this portage proved to make it an unpopular spot so the site was private and the sandy beach access was perfect. Lots of space for tents and thunderbox in good condition.

North Tea Lake beach campsite next to Lorne

Day 3

Paddle back the same route as in!

Route marked below with brown paddles and campsites marked with yellow tent. Credit to Jeff's Maps.


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