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Just the paddle: Rock Lake > Pen Lake > Clydegale Lake

As always, posting a condensed version without all the extra fluff for those who want to see the paddle route and campsites...

Just the paddle, nothing pretty.

June 19-21st, 2020 Rock Lake > Pen Lake > Clydegale Lake

Access Point 9, Rock Lake. In and out route.

Day 1

Start Time: 8:39 AM End Time: 12:49 PM Total Time: 3h56*

* the total paddle/portage time is a bit skewed as we did a bit of a navigational sidetrack on Rock Lake that added about 20-30 extra minutes.

Launch at Rock Lake with canoe delivered to access point by Algonquin Outfitters - Opeongo. It was unusually hot for mid-June and made the paddle slightly more challenging. Rock Lake can definitely get choppy as we witnessed on the way back (although we had tailwind, lucky for us) and has a bunch of private cabins on your paddle in. The first portage between Rock Lake and Pen isn't noteworthy, fairly easy 375m and nice dock to launch into Pen. In Pen Lake watch out for rocks between the islands, keep right. Portage between Pen and Clydegale - SUPER BUGGY! But, otherwise pretty painless at 275m.

Set up on Campsite 2 - nice, elevated site with beautiful rock face, prep table, and sweet grill.

Day 2

Paddle from Campsite 2 to the coveted Campsite 6 - note it took us an extra 50 minutes to get to that side of the lake, although in fairness it was a VERY leisurely paddle.

Campsite 6 or the Clydegale Island is coveted for a reason - maximum privacy, prime moose spotting potential, prep table, grills, and your own beach! 10/10 would recommend but keep in mind getting a permit on the lake doesn't guarantee you that spot and would add additional paddle time if it's taken.

The other sites on Clydegale looked decent with campsite 1 and 5 being our runner-ups.

Day 3

Paddle back the way we came but without navigational difficulties (ahem Martin). Total paddle and portage time was 3h48 minutes with a nice tailwind at our backs. It took us less time to get back then to get in even with the further campsite!

Check out the paddle route (errors in red) and campsite below! Credit to Jeff's Maps.


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