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Need-to-Know Before You Go "Adventure Photoshooting"

So you're #engaged or maybe celebrating an anniversary and want to commemorate the moment with a photoshoot BUT like us, you are not professional models... here are my top "need-to-know"s before you go!

  1. You don't need a "reason" to justify an adventure photoshoot. We were already married when we did our "engagement shoot" which really was just capturing professional photos while we did something we love doing anyway - hiking. These are now memories that will forever capture what we got to do more of as a couple in 2020. You also don't need a partner to justify an adventure photoshoot - I might totally consider doing this solo one day!

  2. Find your "vibe". Scope out some adventure and elopement photographers on Instagram - think of their grid as your gallery... do you like what you see? Every photographer has their own signature style whether thats "dark and moody" or "light and airy" choose one that works for you. We checked out Celeste Justice Photography and her passion for capturing the wildly in love screamed out at us! After a few chats we found some common ground (hello canoe camping) and knew we'd "vibe" with Celeste/be comfortable working with her.

  3. Do think about your outfits, at least a little. Honestly we hiked quite a bit so the key was being comfortable, but more importantly being us. We don't "dress up" with the exception of our wedding day and other peoples weddings, we're very casual people and wanted to honour that. So though my mom might have a meltdown when she sees me in ripped jeans for these... I am 100% me as you would find me on any given day as is Martin. In a nutshell, we thought about it enough to ensure we didn't clash and weren't stuffy. When it came down to footwear, hiking boots photograph surprisingly well (quick check for Martin) but I'm more of a trail runner gal so I opted for combat boots - just make sure yours are broken in if you don't want blisters!

  4. Let go of perfection and get some dirt on ya! On the topic of outfits... don't wear anything you aren't willing to get some mud on, get wet, or catch on a branch - this is an ADVENTURE shoot! Let loose and be adventurous whether that means getting a little cold and wet to get that epic shot by the waterfall or stepping in some mud along the way. Your hair won't be perfectly in place after the strenuous hike in or after some mist but that all adds to the story your shots will tell.

  5. Let loose & have fun! Your photographer might get you to do some silly stuff like bump teeth, whisper sexy vegetables, or even twist nipples (ahem Celeste)... just go with it! They know what they're doing and if nothing else it breaks the ice, especially if you're not a professional model. If you go in looking for those "perfect" poses I'm sure you'll get just that but you'll be missing out on all the genuine crinkly eye laughter and snotty kisses that add the magic of you into the photo. Most importantly, its not hard to have fun when you're doing something you love so if hiking isn't your thing, choose your own adventure!

All photos are by Celeste Justice Photography


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